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June 5, 2013

nGinx: How to test your configuration in “console mode”

Tags: — Marc Trudel-Bélisle @ 7:38 AM

Technically, nGinx doesn’t have a “console mode”, where you can just call the executable and get the output on screen, suspend or kill the process, etc. But recently, I was looking for a way to test my nGinx config on a live server without affecting the actual production service. The customer had a specific build [...]

November 27, 2009

Kevin Rose: Digg,1 000 000+ User sites and The Broken

Tags: , — Marc Trudel-Bélisle @ 11:29 AM

Do you know Kevin Rose? Most people actually know him as the founder of Digg. He has done a great presentation on how to get a site to a million+ users. Great presentation, everyone which wants to start a web business must watch this. Link: http://carsonified.com/blog/web-apps/9-ways-to-take-your-site-from-one-to-one-million-users/ However, I used to know him because of this [...]

June 16, 2009

NFB on Boxee

Tags: , — Marc Trudel-Bélisle @ 12:58 PM

It is out! The National Film Board had asked me to start from some work they had done and complete a skin (application) for boxee at the end of May. And it is now available online! http://blog.boxee.tv/2009/06/15/national-film-board-of-canada-on-boxee/ The application has also been submited to the skin contest. You can go and vote for the NFB [...]

June 14, 2009

WarVOX: Wardialing Web application

Tags: , , , — Marc Trudel-Bélisle @ 11:26 PM

Who would have imagined… WarVOX is a web interface to an application that uses AIX VoIP protocol to make multiple calls simultaneously. Instead of doing live analysis on the live calls, it records them and post-process them to find patterns which would indicate the presence of modem. One of the advantage of their analysis technique [...]

June 10, 2009

Remote Microsoft SQL Server Management

Tags: , , — Marc Trudel-Bélisle @ 4:35 PM

Quite a struggle that is – especially when you run on non-Windows operating system. Then a Web-based solution can come handy… If you can find a good one. sqlwebadmin.codeplex.com The look is not the best I’ve seen, but it is much better than many other SQL Server Web Manager. And it gets the job done.

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